Our Impact
Sustainable Farming
and Food Production
for All.

We understand that quality food is the foundation of thriving communities and we work closely with farmers to ensure that the latest thinking and technology are used to grow better food, while sustaining the land and conserving resources.

What’s Next for the Future of our Food?

Increased consumer demand for healthier, safe, affordable and nutritious food. We innovate relentlessly. We accelerate our pace of innovation to create solutions that will deliver abundant high-quality food, now and for the future

We work with smallholder farmers and consumers in Africa to create agricultural ecosystem that naturally supports people and the planet.
Environmental Sustainability

Both Social and Environmental Sustainability is an integral part of our company’s overall strategy. We source our raw materials from smallholder farmers in Tanzania. The farmers undergo training on sustainable land use management and comply with standards requirements for both organic and environmental standards.

We work with farmers in Africa to ensure they have the tools and innovations to produce what our food system demands, while conserving resources and sustaining the land.

Sustainability is vital to farming’s future. That is why we are working across the agricultural value chain to ensure food is safe, nutritious and plentiful. Through our innovative products and collaborative efforts, we are helping shape the sustainable future of food and agriculture. To increase and sustain the living standards of Africans by providing them with healthier and affordable products.

We use our crop science expertise to address unique challenges facing local and regional communities. By promoting economic opportunity and social inclusion for all, we enhance agricultural communities so each member of our food system is poised to thrive. Driven by our purpose to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, We always work together.

We work with farmers to eradicate hunger and ensure a food secure future for growing populations by empowering smallholder farmers in Africa to ensure farmers in Africa have access to improved technologies, through collaborations with key stakeholders, including governments, profit companies and nongovernmental organizations.

Farmers are the first to face an ever-changing landscape, while constantly striving for higher yield, resilience and desirability. They need seeds and crop protection products that address their challenges—not just by country or region, but laser-focused down to the acre. We are on the ground alongside them, listening first and then innovating collaboratively to help enable their success.