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Sustainable food

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We are OBRI Tanzania
Happy Farmers,
Heathier Communities,
Great Opportunity.

OBRI Tanzania works with smallholder farmers and consumers in Africa to create agricultural ecosystem that naturally supports people and the planet. Protecting and preserving the source of our food and helping our agricultural communities thrive

More about us

We work and Support farmers through Market connections

We’re dedicated to support our farmers to increase their yield, protect their land and increase food supply, We provide our farmers with certified quality seeds.

More of our Impact
  • Farmers We engage directly with farmers to develop a Sustainable food chains
  • Innovation We support sustainable farming practices that focus on increasing yields
  • Market We provide direct and fair market opportunities to our farmers

What OBRI Tanzania and Partners been focused on recently?


In Western Kilimanjaro, our Fahari Farm Project have been run and operational. Growing cranberry beans and green peas both for local market and export. In Kikavu, Kilimanjaro our partner farmers

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"Lead farmers" are those who host a demo plot. They have taken a risk in doing this, but they do it so they can learn from these partners. Their goal is to not only help their own farms

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We are providing the farmers with extension. This means that partners are providing the farmers with information of best farming practices. When the farmers needed to transplant their onions

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